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We are family law professionals and we provide legal advice on all areas of family law in international and cross border family law matters that are related to the Family law of Belarus or the jurisdiction of Belarus.

The relationship between the people in their private and family life is special and complex. Mutual trust, respect, caring for one another is the foundation of the family. Family life also creates multiple legal relations and consequences, which may require seeking for a legal advice at some point of time.

We all live in a global society, where the people move from one country to another for the satisfaction of their personal goals. Family situations involving more than one country or jurisdiction become more complex and more difficult even if the family is happily together. Moreover, the relationship difficulties between the members of the international family, unfortunately, may become a real challenge, which requires in-depth expertise in cross border and international family law, as well as close cooperation between the lawyers in different countries or jurisdictions.

We are dedicated to Family Law and meeting the legal needs of people in their family situation.