Family Mediation

The relations between the people in their private and family life are special and complex. Mutual trust, respect, caring for one another is the foundation of the family. This is the part of a private life where the law is often unable to deal with the essence of this kind of disputes.

Conflicts in private and family life probably cannot be totally avoided. The most important issue is how we manage to find solutions in the family conflict. Some of family conflicts turn into legal disputes, which cannot be solved without the professional assistance. Family litigation is not the only way to solve family dispute. There are many alternative ways to seek for the solution. Family mediation is one of them.

Family disputes, when people are in need to seek help for solution, are often related to marriage breakdown or the separation of cohabitation partners. However, mediation can be also helpful for parties to find solutions in many other personal and property disputes.

A family conflict becomes even more complicated, when family life is related with more than one country. For instance, Your marriage took place abroad; You have lived for some or all of your family life in a foreign country; You have property abroad; You are concerned about child contact/residence or child abduction.

Mediation is a private dispute resolution procedure in which one or more mediators helps the parties to resolve their family dispute peacefully. The outcome of family mediation is an agreement between the parties, which was achieved by their mutual consent due to the harmonization of their individual needs.

We invite to consider family mediation for seeking a solution in your family matter, especially in international and cross border family law matters.

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