Rights of Family Life Partners

It is recognized that family structures and family forms have changed considerably throughout Europe. Marriage is not the only form of the family life and there exists a variety of different alternative family forms and lifestyles.

There are countries in Europe that allow making partnership in family life official without getting married, in the form of a registered partnership. The considerable part of couples chooses not to register their partnership in family life with any authority, although they live together with a partner in stable and continuous way.

In contrast to legal consequences of the marriage, family life partners enjoy limited, if at all, legal protection of their rights as family members. Based on our legal practice, we would note that family life partners without marriage should carefully consider the legal consequences in advance in each case before they make the important decisions on property and finances. Even if this was not the case, there are still some possibilities to seek for a legal protection of the rights, however this should be considered individually.

We provide advice on all legal aspects of family life without marriage, including, but not limited:

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